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We Could Have Keynotes Today if Objects Could Display Their Own Properties

Here is a method for keynotes in vanilla Archicad, except it doesn’t work. It takes a classification, three properties, an object, and a schedule:


A classification called Keynote.


A property called Full Keynote, string type option set. Each option consists of the short note, a separator, and the long note. The separator can be anything that doesn’t occur in content, such as “::”. The short note is displayed in the view, as an object. The long note is shown alongside the short note in a schedule.


A property called Short Note, string type, using the expression SPLIT (Full Keynote, “::”, 1). This property will output the short note part of the Full Keynote property.


A property called Long Note, string type, using the expression SPLIT (Full Keynote, “::”, 2). This property will output the long note part of the Full Keynote property.


All three properties are available to the Keynote classification.


An object, maybe called Keynote Object, which acts like a label, with text and a leader. The text is the Short Note property. The objects are classified as Keynote.


A schedule of the Keynote Objects, which shows columns for the Short Note and Long Note properties.


The format of the Full Keynote options is:

Note 1::Full text for note 1

Note 2::Full text for note 2

Note 3::Full text for note 3



Options are created as needed in the Property Manager. The user places Keynote Objects and selects the desired Full Keynote property option. The object displays the short text, and the schedule lists all the notes.


The only catch is that only floor plan elements can be scheduled; the workaround for this is to make sure any elevation keynotes are duplicated on a hidden layer in the plan.


This super simple once you get your GDL friend to write you the object. No new tool, no add-on.


But it doesn’t work due to limitations in Archicad. Only labels can display properties, and of course they display the properties of other elements and have no properties of their own. And labels can’t be scheduled. Objects can’t display properties, not even properties attached to themselves.


I expect Graphisoft finds the notion of attaching properties to annotations rather than building elements to be Not BIM. Respectfully, they need to get over it. (Or let us schedule labels, which I guess also Just Seems Weird.) This is an old, constant, high-ranking user wish, especially in the USA, and it is THIS CLOSE to being crossed off.


Allow objects to display text of their own properties, and we’re done.


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James Murray

Archicad 25 • Rill Architects • macOS •

I'm trying to understand why the Multileader Label 25 (which is an object) couldn't be used effectively with attached properties and scheduled appropriately. 

Richard Morrison, Architect-Interior Designer
AC26 (since AC6.0), Win10

And... this is also maybe "just there" as James put it... allow scheduling in elevations, too. It is easier to calculate the openings to solid ratio (required here in the desert) using fills, than to schedule the solid and penetrated area of an elevation. Not to mention that an actual drawing has to be produced, that is again, done the easiest way by superimposing fills on the actual elevation.


@James Murray wrote:

The only catch is that only floor plan elements can be scheduled; the workaround for this is to make sure any elevation keynotes are duplicated on a hidden layer in the plan.



ArchiCAD since 4.55 ... 1995
HP Omen


James Murray

Archicad 25 • Rill Architects • macOS •
Minh Nguyen
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni

Dear James,


Thank you very much for sharing this great idea! Personally, I really like it!

I am happy to say we took notice of this wish and I have added it to our Wish List database (please refer to it as IDEA-9189). Hopefully, our Product Management team will adopt this one in the future.


Thank you all for the opinions, and I wish you a great day!

Best regards,

Minh Nguyen
Technical Support Engineer

Hi, I´ve gotten hung up on this keynote issue after reading several posts in wishes forum. If the Change tool wasn´t needed for revisions, wouldn´t that tool be ideal for keynotes? You could also use the Revision History (simple/detailed) object to show the list of keys and notes. This would work on all types of views, I think? And for Graphisoft it would just be to copy the code and rename the tool? I haven´t tried using the change tool as a Keynote tool, and I am writing without thinking everything through here...maybe it´s enough to make a heap of Keynotes (changes) in your template file, and use them as unlinked markers? Thoughts?

David G

ArchiCad since 8.1

Mac Studio (2022) - Apple M1 Ultra
macOS Monterey 12.4

I think this is the way. I am doing the same, and just happened to find your post. 


The only issue with the multi point leader is the way the leader works is different from standard labels, so its a bit frustrating to have to learn to adjust differently. I am trying to work on adjusting the GDL to make the leader operate a little better myself.