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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
Master powerful new features and shape the latest BIM-enabled innovations

Leire Bilbao

More options for design of windows. Infinite combinations of portions and openings.

If I want to have 3 sliders, with top hung window over and a bottom fixed transom and a sidelight, I should be able to do it. 

No need for a million types of windows, just make the "variable" window FULLY variable so I can add as many parts I want with whatever openings I want.


Yes - although I see some issues with a "super object" there are certainly a lot of work to be done to the library. Another approach would be to properly develop LPM and Paramo into one tool where easily can create our own window/door/opening objects with full control.  

Tim Ball

Reveals heads and sills 3D detailing 

Frame section options like curtain wall tool

Natalia Borges
Certified Trainer

They need to create window and door objects to the Brazilian standard.
Additionally, create sliding door options with more leaves.

Karel Landa

I could imagine that this "super object" would be a tool similar to Curtain wall where we can "draw" basic scheme of windows, apply custom profiles, type of openings etc. This way anyone can design anything without limits. Of course there should also be a possibility to make curved frames/panels - I have a wish for this already on this forum.

Leire Bilbao

But the curtain wall doesn't schedule and behave the same way as the windows. It needs to be a Window Tool.

Ideally should go through several walls if necessary and should be interchangeable with a door in case I change window into door I don't loose the dimensions and the numbering

Karel Landa

Yes, that's why I wrote "similar". Of course the new tool should keep all functions that current window/door tool have, but should be more flexible and as I said, should allow to make our own frames, type of openings etc.


I would vote for this one (actually i still did because GS needs to improve this), but we went with CADimage Door and Window builder a long time ago and have not looked back. I'm probably not even a great person to chime in on this because I can't remember the last time I even opened the AC native door or window objects. While nothing is perfect it certainly proves the point that a "super object" can be done well and be super flexible.  I would vote for Graphisoft to buy cadminage tools and incorporate CI DWB into their product as a first party library object rather than try to start over with their own. it took CI tools a long time to make their solution as flexible and bombproof as it is - no need for GS to reinvent the wheel.

Homescu Ciprian

There actually is such an object in the Forward Library called Custom Window, and it works quite well. 



Barry Kelly

That may be a specific window (library) that you have access to because of your Forward agreement with your Archicad provider.

Not everyone will have access to that library.




Reveals are a general bugbear of mine.


I don't like not being able to correctly show reveals with a different makeup from the main wall construction, ie. insulated plasterboards.


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