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Mac Notarization : Anyone had success with notarytool ? (Now that Altool is depreciated)

Ben Cohen

Hi all


I have been trying to Notarize my addon with notarytool without success.. I have checked my developer credentials, created a new app specific password etc etc and nothing seems to work..


Using "xcrun notarytool info" i get "Successfully received submission info"

But then  "status: Invalid"


Has anyone had success with notarytool? since altool was abandoned by Apple on the 1st of November.



I should add that I notarized my addons late October using Altool without any issues 

Ben Cohen
Mac and PC
Archicad (Latest Version) aus

Hi Ben,


I'm using notarytool for a while now. But I also remember it being quite some work to switch.

You can get more information about your submission with (include your credentials the same way as for the other notarytool commands):

xcrun notarytool log <submission-id>

 Maybe this helps debugging the issue.



Bernd Schwarzenbacher - Archicad Add-On Developer - Get Add-Ons & Archicad Tips on my Website:

I have been using notary tool for a couple of months, changed from altool to notary tool. First I sign my file w/ codesign, then I run notarytool like this:

xcrun notarytool submit <your file> --wait --apple-id <your id> --team-id <team id> --password <your password>

Or you can use a keychain profile. And finally I run

xcrun stapler staple <your file>

You can check out this link Customizing the notarization workflow


Thanks for the help guys..


status: Accepted


Okay, of course it was not the notary tool command it was my code signing. 

I had a duplicate key in the key chain that needed deleting.. then I created a new certificate and boom it worked..


Appreciate the help.. 

Bernd, great tip on the log

kolioi, this is how I have been doing it too, straight in the terminal.. seems the easiest way..



Ben Cohen
Mac and PC
Archicad (Latest Version) aus

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