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Open Teamwork with API


Is there any way to open Teamwork project with API?

I've managed to do the similar task with local pln files using the APIDo_​OpenID. It's interesting, as the IO::Location could contain both pln and teamwork paths, but I guess in the case of teamwork file it's local? However, when I'm extracting project info, I also have some encoded URI to the teamwork. Also, there is a APIFType_WGProjFile (Teamwork file type) in API_​FTypeID.


Screenshot 2023-05-24 151934.png


And is there any command to forcefully create a PLN backup on the server side?

Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin

PLN backup is created by Archicad and not BIMcloud. Therefore you can't force it to create one, it will always require user input (or a hidden Archicad with an automation of the process, which sounds very cumbersome for me).

Noémi Balogh

Community Expert, Admin


Sure, I understand.

I was talking about some kind of enforcement of launching PLN backup creation. For example, we have an option to run or to cancel such process while sending the changes within teamwork projects, so I was wondering is there any api method to control it:



You can try using Notification Manager and  ACAPI_TeamworkControl_SendChanges 

Use the notification manager to run a timer and project open  then periodicaly send the changes.




Good idea.

But how I can force user to confirm backup creation instead of pressing Cancel?

you control the code of the ok,cancel button, you can  make it so that it still saves even if you press cancel.

Or  you get a  window that says its mandatory.  If employee still not comply tell him he can't have pastries from the rest area anymore.

Thanks, I will try this.