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Tom's Add-on Ideas

Karl Ottenstein
TomWaltz wrote:
I'm hoping to create an add-on which:
A) Is self-updating on individual machines from a central source, so users always receive latest deployed version on start-up
B) Allow different rounding accuracy levels based on viewset
C) Check/reset the "office standard" project preferences on File Open.
D) Coordinate project file attributes in mulit-file projects (usually with heavy module usage and/or multiple pln files)
E) Find a way to create a "ceiling plan" view, to allow better reflected ceiling plans

Now I don't know if any or all of these are possilble, but these are some eariy ideas that were kicked around in our last IT meetings.
Hi Tom,

I know this was part of your 'introduction' (thank you for starting this get-to-know-each-other thread!)... but if you want feedback on these 5 ideas, I'd like to encourage you to start 5 separate threads to keep each discussion focused. AFAIK, some of what you want to accomplish cannot be done by an add-on ... but let's talk about each under its own subject.

Thanks! 😉

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1) To add the parameter of roundoff to the dialogue of customization of dimensions
2) To enter concept of style of sizes as in AutoCAD, i.e. having applied to selected dimensions earlier predefined style we can receive (on one plan or section) dimensions with different roundoff

Sorry, My English not well
I think either one sounds good. I would prefer a dimension "style" (similar to AutoCAD), which would at least allow for a standard starting point. I realize that "Favorites" are close to that.

Your English is good enough to get your point across. I'd say that's all that counts.
Tom Waltz
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