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Archicad C++ API
About Archicad add-on development using the C++ API.

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New Developer Hub Migration Completed

[UPDATE] Hi all, thank you for your patience. We are happy to announce that the migration of the Developer Hub has been completed. The Developer Forum is officially retired. To get a quick overview of the new Developer Hub, kindly check out this arti...

Resolved! How can I obtain data from the work scheme?

I am currently working on plugin development for ARCHICAD, I want to obtain some data for the current project from the worksheet created by the user. Can you provide some suggestions on which API to use? A more detailed version would be better. ^^ Th...

luna Contributor
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Set library location for teamwork project

I'd like to add a library element (.gsm) to a teamwork folder to use the element later in a teamwork project. How can I do this? Actually I'm using the following code to register a library folder on my PC: IO::Location folderLocation; API_SpecFolderI...

get MEP linked object's GUID

Hello, I am struggling for 2 weeks now to find out how to get linked pipe's (for example) element. I searched in object parameters and all subtypes for references, in object memo, I don't find it anywhere... Is there a reference guide for MEP addon w...