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Archicad Python API
About automating tasks in Archicad using the Python API.

Access IFC Export Properties


Hello dear Graphisoft Community,


We are currently trying to create a list of all Properties (BuildIn and UserDefined) with their respective GUID for IFC Manipulation. I was able to access all Properties and their GUID through the Python API, but we receive all the names in english, eventhough we work with the german version  of Archicad. I couldn't find a localization file in the AC25 folder for the properties, so my first question is:

1) Is there an easy way to access the the properties in the language Archicad is set to?


Next Question:

The IFC Exporter seems to have more properties then Archicad itself. Is there anyway to access the properties and the guid of the IFC exporter? The addon itself is already in .apx format so its not readable it we dont seem to find a way to access those. So:

2) How can we access the IFC Exporter properties with their respective GUID's?



3) Do the Archicad BuiltIn Properties share their GUID's with the properties in the IFC Exporter? If there would be 2 similiar properties (like Wall_AverageLength as BuiltIn Property and IFC Property), would they share the same GUID?


Some context:

We want to export our projects as IFC and then manipulate the IFC to set certain properties or values outside of Archicad



Thanks for your help and Kind Regards


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