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About automating tasks in Archicad using the Python API.

New features on Python API?


Out of curiosity, will version 27 add any new features on the Python side?

Until now we decided not to use because it gives very limited access to the model geometry and information, but it could be a very powerfull feature, sepeacially considering that even AIs nowadays can program directly in this language.

Is Graphisoft working in the development of this feature in Archicad?



Bump on this one. Was just about to ask the same question.
Just yesterday was looking at the GetAllElements command and it doesn't really get you all of the elements. It only fetches 3D types from plan.
Exposing some of the models to Archicad for python documentation and GDL resources could be good in the long term for GS. Or if they could vectorise the data so an average Joe like me can get some assistance from the AI.

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