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Archicad Python API
About automating tasks in Archicad using the Python API.

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Python - Listing userID in excel

Hi everyone, I'm hoping for a bit of help here, I'm using the Room Report Generator as a basis to create as you guessed room reports. I'll be honest to say I'm good at learning code but I've not used Python before, so it's a steep learning curved. I'...

Access IFC Export Properties

Hello dear Graphisoft Community, We are currently trying to create a list of all Properties (BuildIn and UserDefined) with their respective GUID for IFC Manipulation. I was able to access all Properties and their GUID through the Python API, but we r...

Dayiz Booster
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Hello there, in order to automatically retrieve the ThermalResistance in various elements, i wonder how to deploy the value from ThermalConductivity, found in BuildingMaterials for calculating the Value by the Thickness of the material. Since i am co...

Python for changing language

Hi everybodyI have the following use-case:In some stages of the project we're working in a french version of Archicad, later we switch to the german version and now we've a lot to change and translate. So maybe there are already some interesting scri...

bimdo Booster
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Resolved! Adding objects with Python

Hi! I'm new to Archicad and wonder what is the best way to programmatically place elements in my model, based on some initial geometry. I came across 4 methods:1) Creating a script in Param-O2) Creating a script in Grasshopper with Gh Live Connection...

Resolved! Python 'TeamWork permission denied'

Hello dear Graphisoft community, I'm working on automation with Python and i wanted to write a script which replaces old classifiers with new ones. So i wrote this small script:Spoiler (Highlight to read)from uuid import UUIDimport uuidfrom Archicad ...

Dayiz Booster
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