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BIMcloud API extracting project data


I am currently looking for possibilities to extract data on all created projects from the vbim server using the BIMcloud API.
Regular queries and storage of the information should take place.

However, I am a bit stuck, I am using the repository with the BIMcloud API specification.


My approach is as follows, I have the URL for the server, as well as username and password.
With the ManagerAPI class I create a session with create_session() and get the session_id as return value. Which I then use in the get_resource() function. But from the get_resource() function, I don't get all the data from the server.

Or if I knew how to get the data for a project, I could iterate over all projects.
I would be very happy about some food for thought?



Noemi Balogh
Community Admin
Community Admin

Hi @ata1993.


Unfortunately what you want to achieve with the publicly available BIMcloud API is not possible. Project data are handled by our private APIs and received data from these APIs can be handled by Archicad only. Our publicly available API offers services for uploading and downloading files from BIMcloud.


A workaround tip could be to use the Archicad API, because it might can get some data once you managed to connect and log in to a BIMcloud, but if you ask me, this sounds really cumbersome to be the solution.

Kind regards,

Noémi Balogh

Community Expert, Admin



If you want to get all project information, you can try calling like this GET:http://ip:22000/management/latest/get-projects?session-id=xxxxx

If you want to get all project information, you can try calling like this GET:http://ip:22000/management/latest/get-project?session-id=xxxxx &project-id=xxxxx



Hello Noemi Balogh,

thank you very much for responding so quickly. After reading your message, we dropped our approach with the BIMcloud API.

And we took an approach via GET request using Curl and have now successfully extracted all the information about the projects.


Kind regards,


Hi leilei,


Thank you for your comment regarding GET requests using Curl.
We have used a similar query:
to extract all possible information from the vbimmanger.

We will try your get methods as well


Kind regards,


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