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About enriching BIMx with new capabilities using its API.

bimx extension example demo


Hi GS Team,

I would like to ask You kindly to share a source (json format)  of bimxx  extension You provide in document:


this one:

bimxx - demo extension  

Of course without devID 🙂

It would help to understand by example how one could “link” a web application and BIMx



Roland Szabo

Hi Greg, creating an extension from scratch is easy by using plain text.

1. Create a new document in any text editor. Use e.g. TextEdit on macOS with “Plain text” format chosen in Preferences
2. Write the BIMx extension or copy from this document without formatting
3. Save plain text in *.txt format, preferably with UTF-8 encoding
4. Override file extension to *.bimxx after the file name in Finder or File Explorer

I've updated the API documentation and described the workflow in a bit more detail. Thanks for bringing this into our attention.

Roland Szabo
BIMx Product Manager

Hi Szabo,

Ive already created a simple extension

but would like to see how exactly works Your  demo example. I’d like to asku You to share or put source json to documentation

Roland Szabo

Hi, I've added the relevant example extension to the end of the documentation. Please find version 4.4.2 on
I hope it helps.

Roland Szabo
BIMx Product Manager

Hi, Thank You for an update. It clarify the structure of extension. I work on prototype sollution that will use Grasshopper to construct BIMx extensions. Coming soon..


Hi Roland,

When working on bimmx extension I found a misleading information.

Fragment describing "elem_info" explains how service response should look like:

"items": [
   "key": "FM ID",
   "value": "769876",
   "position": "top"

It also says that: "Position (string; optional; allowed values are “top” and “bottom”; default: “bottom”)" but without this key nothing will apear in element info. It seems that its required. 
Please confirm and if so correct documentation



Hi Greg, 
I've updated the documentation and changed Position to required. Thank you for the remark!

Roland Szabo
BIMx Product Manager

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