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BIMx Info does not show preferred data


I would want to get beam sizes from BIMx model. I am able to do this by selecting a given beam in the model while touching Info button on my iPad, but this works only for horizontal elements, such as collar beam shown in the attachment (the size is 4cm x 9cm). I am not able however to get sizes of e.g., roof rafters (which are 4cm x 14cm), where only the width is shown, and the "height" represents the distance from the top to the bottom of rafter (something I don't want). Would anyone please advice how to get sizes of elements such as rafters, similarly to sizes of horizontal elements? Please see attached screen-prints for reference. Thanks.

P.S. My preference is not to enter the values manually under some other heading in Info area.

Collab Beam Info.PNGRoof Rafter Info.PNGRoof Rafter.PNGCollar Beam.PNG

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