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BIMx Web Viewer: Web browser not supported on iOS, iPadOS (Safari)


Why is this? This is a shame!

I can not always expect my clients to download and install the app.

When will this be fixed?


Apple iMac Pro with macOS Ventura, AC 5.0 to 27 INT and GER, all the latest

Roland Szabo

Hi, thanks for sharing your honest feedback. Switching to new technology for truly significant improvements can have disadvantages too. The related part of BIMx Web Viewer's system requirements changed because certain functionality, which is essential for the next-generation Web Viewer, is unfortunately not enabled in the current version of mobile Safari (which is technically the base of all iOS/iPadOS browser apps). The mobile app performs very well on iOS with additional features compared to the browser app. On macOS, we strongly recommend Chrome or Firefox instead because BIMx's performance is much better in these browsers at the moment. 

We're aware of these limitations and continue unifying BIMx features between mobile and desktop platforms accordingly. Follow BIMx News to get informed about the latest BIMx releases, e.g., next week!

Roland Szabo
BIMx Product Manager

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