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BIMx Web Viewer on BIMx Model Transfer Service

Emoke Csikos


The renewed BIMx Web Viewer (Help) allows clients and other project stakeholders to view BIMx Hyper-models directly in their browsers, enjoying various intuitive, game-like navigation options.

This viewer lets you access the full content of any uploaded BIMx Hyper-model without having to install any application, browser plug-in or download the model itself locally. You can start navigating right in your browser window.

Please check our BIMx Web Viewer Help to get familiar with all the possibilities it offers.

You can activate it by pressing the Play symbol in the middle of the Hyper-model preview image.



NOTE: Only Hyper-models can be viewed in BIMx Web Viewer. The obsolete 3D only models are not compatible with it. See more on the differences here under the "Basics" tab: What is the difference between a legacy BIMx 3D model and a Hyper-model?


Access the Content

The content of the Hyper-model can be displayed by clicking on the button "Open Index Browser" in the upper left corner. The user interface of the Hyper-model index is like in BIMx mobile app.


You can select any 3D model or 2D layout in the index and you can view any of these by a double-click on any view or by clicking on its preview image with "Click to View".


Have a look at the Project Info by pressing on the "i" symbol:


Information about the Hyper-model is now listed:


Navigation Modes

In 3D

Use any of several modes to navigate in 3D:

  • Basic Navigation
  • Walk Mode
  • Gamer Mode

Each mode is described within the Help menu:


In 2D

The following commands can be used to navigate in a 2D view:

  • Pan
  • Zoom
  • Open Next/Previous 2D View

Embed Hyper-model

If you have a valid ARCHICAD Software Service Agreement (SSA) you are entitled to embed your company’s Hyper-models into any website by copying the specific HTML code snippet from the “Embed Hyper-model” window and paste it into the code of your own website.

  1. Click on the "Embed" sign (as shown above).
  2. The automatically selected text can be copied with the Copy to clipboard option.
  3. The size of the window that will be embedded into your site can be set within the first part of the selected text. Set the width and the height you wish to be displayed.
  4. Set if the model should start in fullscreen mode or not.
  5. Paste your copied text string into your site (e.g. How to embed in WordPress.)
  6. Enjoy your hyper-model with the BIMx web viewer within your site, as seen below.

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