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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
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BIMx Licensing

Daniel Kovacs
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni


BIMx is Graphisoft's multiplatform design presentation and collaboration solution.

In this article, you can find out which functionalities are available in BIMx on different platforms, with or without a license, and what's needed to host your models on the BIMx Model Transfer Service.



The Graphisoft account-based cloud licensing has been simplified on the 4th of July, 2024.

Table of Content


Graphisoft Account Sign-in

RolandSzabo_0-1699433020166.pngMoving forward, to open models in BIMx Mobile (iOS&iPadOS, Android), and Desktop applications, you'll need to sign in with Graphisoft ID. 

Integrating BIMx into our ecosystem (Archicad, BIMcloud, DDScad, etc.) with Graphisoft accounts forms the basis of the updated licensing model, helping us improve our services and better tailor BIMx to our users’ needs. The new cloud licensing eliminated all the costs for BIMx Pro, allowing you to access extra features on multiple platforms with the same license — which wasn't supported by the previous licensing.




  • Signing up is simple and free at
  • You'll need to sign in once, BIMx keeps you authenticated for a year if you're online. You can also use BIMx offline for 7 days without sign in. 
  • The built-in demo model and the featured models from BIMx Model Transfer are available without signing in. You can also open one model without signing in to BIMx Mobile and Desktop.
  • BIMx Web does not need signing in on BIMx Model Transfer.

BIMx Applications

BIMx Mobile (iOS/Android)




BIMx Mobile is available for free on the most popular mobile operating systems, Android and iOS&iPadOS. It gives you all the tools to explore and interact with the Hyper-model:

  • interactive virtual models (architectural, structural, MEP, etc) with several 3D features, such as walk mode, shadows, shading options, 3D cutaway, measure, etc.
  • all the 2D documentation (hyperlinked to 3D), e.g. floor plans, sections, elevations, detail drawings, schedules, manufacturer descriptions, renderings.
  • BIM data, e.g. building component properties, project information, linked websites.
  • collaboration features allowing you to participate in projects from anywhere.



New, Graphisoft Account-based Cloud Licensing

Sign in for more BIMx features, at no extra cost!
Previously, some productivity features were available in BIMx Mobile with a BIMx Pro Subscription or by joinnig BIMcloud. Most of them have been added to the standard package. As of the 27th of September, 2023, the monthly and annual BIMx Pro Subscriptions are no longer available through Apple App Store and Google Play. The new, Graphisoft account-based cloud licensing further improved. As of the 4th of July 2024, BIMx license assignment to Graphisoft account is needed anymore. Pro features are automatically enabled for all the members of eligible companies detailed in the next section. 



How to Access Pro Features


Pro features are automatically available in the latest BIMx Mobile version by signing in to your Grapphisoft account — even on multiple mobile devices on multiple platforms. All the members in your company are entitled to BIMx Pro features if the company owns at least one of the following:


  • Active Service Contract subscriptions:
    • Software Service Agreement (SSA) for Archicad
    • Graphisoft Forward
  • Active Subscriptions:
    • Archicad
    • Archicad Solo
    • Archicad Collaborate
    • BIMcloud (on-premises)
    • DDScad Electrical Collaborate

Offline usage of Pro features is also available for 7 days after disconnection from the network. Access to BIMx Pro features will be terminated when the last active service or product subscription of the company expires. Renewing it will enable Pro features again.  

Feature Comparison


BIMx Mobile Features Standard BIMx BIMx with Pro license BIMx in Teamwork
Hyperlinked 2D & 3D Content + + +
All-round 3D Cutaways + + +
Shading options + + +
Shadow casting with accurate sun positioning + + +
Element-level information + + +
Room labels and info + + +
Google Cardboard VR Support + + +
Data detection on schedules + + +
Access BIMx elements via hyperlinks + + +
Smart Measure tool + + +
Presentation Mode for Gallery + + +
Unlimited 3D model size (Data Streaming) + + +
Save favorite views and create presentations + + +
AirPrint  (iOS) and Print (Android) support + + +
Interactive labels + + +
Issue creation   + +
Integrate external databases (BIMx API)   +  
BIMcloud Teamwork Messaging     +

BIMx Desktop

The BIMx Desktop application app has most features of the Mobile app, and is available for Windows and macOS devices. All features of this version are free and require no additional license. Read more about its features in BIMx Desktop user guide

You can get the latest version from the Microsoft Store and Apple App Store.


BIMx Web

The BIMx Web application is available in browsers, so you do not need to download any application to access the project documentation. It is developed parallel to the Desktop app, so also has most features of the mobile app. Read more in BIMx Web user guide.

The browser app is built into the

  • BIMx Model Transfer site, and is available without any subscription or license. All you need is a Graphisoft account to upload Hyper-models. Viewing models in the web app does not need signing in with Graphisoft ID. The BIMx Model Transfer Service has Premium functions (private storage, password protection and model embedding) described below.
  • BIMcloud as a Service and BIMcloud on-premises. Uploading, updating, and viewing Hyper-models require authentication with BIMcloud User License. BIMcloud currently hosts an older version of BIMx. Before we update to the latest BIMx Web version (available on BIMx Model Transfer), we recommend using the Desktop app for all the features like the measure tool and shadows.

BIMx Model Transfer Site

The BIMx Model Transfer site is a website where you can store and share your models with others, and it is also home to the BIMx Web Viewer. The BIMx Model Transfer enables storing models and updating (even partially) them in the mobile applications directly from the cloud. This service is available for anyone with a Graphisoft ID for free. Viewing published models doesn't require any authentication when opening model URL (e.g.

Functional levels

The Service has the following functional levels also described in BIMx Model Transfer's Terms of Use.

1. Visitor functions:

2. Basic functions:

  • 5GB of Public Storage “My models” is available for everyone after signing in with Graphisoft ID. This storage is linked to your Graphisoft account. 

3. Company functions:

  • 5GB of Public Company Storage, and others available for the members of the Graphisoft Company account without any Service Contract or Subscription. 

4. Premium functions:

  • 10GB of Private Company Storage, and others available for members of the Graphisoft Company account that owns at least one of the followings:
    • Service Contract subscriptions:
      • Software Service Agreement (SSA) for Archicad
      • Graphisoft Forward
    • Subscriptions, for example:
      • Archicad
      • Archicad Solo
      • Archicad Collaborate
      • BIMcloud (on-premises)
      • DDScad Electrical Collaborate

Feature comparison of functional levels

BIMx Model Transfer features Visitor Basic Company Premium
View model in BIMx Web Viewer + + + +
Download models + + + +
Share model's URL via email, twitter, etc  + + + +
Search between Public models + + + +
Upload models to 5GB own Public Storage "My models"    + + +
Delete models    +
Add Keywords and Description   + + +
Update models from Archicad or in the web interface   + + +
Upload models to 5GB Company Public Storage     + +
Move models between Company folders     + +
Upload models to 10GB Company Private Storage       +
Add password protection to Private models       +
Change Visibility       +
Embed model in own website       +


Creating BIMx Hyper-models

You can publish Building Information Models as BIMx Hyper-models from Archicad and DDScad. See how to publish BIMx Hyper-models from Archicad here. The two methods to publish models are also described in knowledgebase articles, see:

You can publish BIMx Hyper-models with all Archicad license types. However, when published with EDU and TRIAL licenses, 2D views are displayed with watermarks in the corners. You cannot save to BIMx format when running Archicad without a license (Demo mode).

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