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How to customize or adding of element info in bimx

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i have a problem. i have a trouble to adding information data for my project when i am trying to export it to bimx hypermodel. so please anyone give me a best way to fix this problem,
what i concerned is how to adding info such as length of element etc. especially because now i am working with road design.
Thanks a lot
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i think it would help if you explain more detailed what you want to customize and which infos you want to add ..
you can customize the 'titles' e.g. 'Building Material / Profile' in the schecule that you chose for each element-type.
see @ '•Select Schedule' here
if you want to customize the 'values' e.g. '0.200m' to '20 cm' you can create a new attribute and recalculate that (from AC22 on).
You had to select the nomenclatures just when you choose the bimX export
You can choose a lot of nomenclatures you had to create to this aim

BimX is the best way to communicate BIM and probably the simpliest way too
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If you create a schedule of the information you want to make available in the BIMX model, you can then link that schedule to the BIMX export.

I have a set or properties that store useful text and hyper-link info that I can then make available to the BIMX viewer. Its very powerful and if you set it up in Publisher, everything gets updated each time automatically.
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