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Oculus Quest 3 Support


With the release of the Oculus Quest 3 there is an amazingly missed opportunity if you do not create a way to access the ArchiCAD models in VR. The processing power and GPU capabilities of these next generation VR displays really require a whole new concept of how we all work on projects and evaluate our designs. There is going to be a point where the highest end devices will be VR headsets and the possibilities of manipulation of objects and designing of spaces within a virtual interface that also has a traditional parallel process for design is going to be a requirement. 


Right now I am already using Twinmotion to render VR presentations and walkthroughs for use in the Quest headset. I am also using the Questlink to run interactive presentations from directly within Twinmotion. So by not having a way to run either BIMx or ArchiCAD on these new platforms seems like a waste of a opportunity to be ahead of the curve since this is becoming a must have that clients are starting to expect. Not to mention the amount of BIM site coordination that VR capabilities and mixed reality provide. It is a shame that there is not a way for ArchiCAD to also have these capabilities. 

Windows 10 pro 64, HP Z840, Dual Xeon E5-2643 3.4 GHz (24core), 128GB Ram, 2TB primary, 3x 2TB secondary, Dual Bridged NVIDIA RTX A6000 GPU
Oculus Rift, Quest 2 and Quest 3 VR Headsets.

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