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About BIMx (mobile, web and desktop), connection to BIMcloud, and related technical questions.

bimx flow

Emre Senoglu
Hey Devon - you can indeed save bimx files without the need to publish them online. You have to create a publisher set, and then make sure that the format is set as BIMx. You can then publish the set, and you will have your BIMx file at the location you've previously selected. 
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DevonBirch wrote:

Just wondering how to get the bimx file with out a graphisoft license to log into. Can I not just save to desktop, upload it to my onedrive then view it in the app?

I have a windows tablet that is running an android emulator so I can get the bimx app. Drag and drop does not seem to work.

you can view it on the desktop app because you can file>open etc. But the desktop app isn't as good as the android/IOS app. If you were using an android tablet you could try and find where the app reads the bimx files from and drop it into there. Not sure how it would work on an emulator on windows tablet. I might have a go with this tomorrow at work.

Just saw in the bimx app the big obvious + symbol (cant believe I missed that). If you push it you can import a file from where it is saved on a device (does not have a cloud storage option). I'm using an android phone at the moment. See if it works on the emulator.

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