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bimx graphic overrides

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Is there a way to publish a 3d view to bimx with graphic overrides? Or is there any way for Bimx to retain a desired 3d style? For instance, I am trying to publish a 3d view with the 3d styles "white model with shadows," however, bimx ignores this and renders in color. I am aware that I can change the settings to black and white within bimx, but I would prefer for myself and my client to be able to open the document without having to manually adjust anything. As a workaround, I saved a new file and changed all the materials to white. This worked, however is inefficient and was hoping someone would know of a better solution. Thanks

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
The Graphic Override part of the question was discussed recently and the answer is YES:
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raphic Override Combinations are unique in ARCHICAD because there is a “No Overrides” option. We can’t disable Pen Sets, Model View Options, Layer Combinations, Scale, etc. We must always have something selected. We can’t have NO Scale or NO MVO—though we can have many of these set to the dreaded Custom. Graphic Overrides however can be set to No Overrides. This means we see the elements in their natural state. It also means this feature can be completed ignored, if you so choose. But don’t do that. I can’t fathom not using Graphic Overrides.

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