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Read articles about BIMx (mobile, web, and desktop), connection to BIMcloud, and related technical questions.


Interactive Labels in BIMx

The BIMx updates released on September 27, 2023 introduced several new functions (see BIMx News). This article describes the Interactive Labels function, which further extends the capabilities of BIMx and brings BIM data closer to your fingertips. Al...

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Access model elements in BIMx Mobile Apps via hyperlinks

Easy data access is essential on construction sites and with facility management. BIMx offers a feature for locating 3D elements in the Virtual Building easily which greatly helps with checking and marking up these elements on site. To be able to acc...

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Add hyperlinks for all 3D elements in the Custom Info

From ARCHICAD 19 you can customize what element information is exported to a BIMx Hyper-model. Previously you could add custom information to Library elements only. The real benefit in configuring Custom Info is to control what parameters to show, wh...

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