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Read articles about BIMx (mobile, web, and desktop), connection to BIMcloud, and related technical questions.


Accurate Sun Positioning in BIMx

Sun positioning by date and time is now available in the sun settings palette on all platforms, with an enhanced, dynamic skybox:    Get the latest BIMx iOS app from the Apple App Store, BIMx Android from Google Play, BIMx Desktop from Microsoft Stor...

dynamic skybox in BIMx.gif RolandSzabo_1-1686560278662.png RolandSzabo_2-1686560376719.png RolandSzabo_3-1686560405008.png

Next-generation BIMx Web and Desktop Apps

This update is a milestone in achieving unified functionality across all platforms, bringing significant performance improvements and new features for architects, clients, and every BIMx user. As of February 15, 2023, the new BIMx Web is available on...

next-gen -  index.jpg new app camera rotation.gif old app camera rotation.gif next-gen - desktop home screen.png

Cast shadows in BIMx Mobile

More realistic visuals Realistic visuals are becoming increasingly important in architectural presentations. BIMx presents a visual quality enhancement for a more realistic look: the new Cast Shadows render mode! Explore the virtual building with thi...

indoor shadows.gif RolandSzabo_3-1657616231816.png favorites960p.gif RolandSzabo_2-1657616129475.png

White Models in BIMx

Our customers often ask how they can display their design in black and white in BIMx. There are two ways to achieve this. Use the built-in Shading option In BIMx mobile: go to Settings > Shading > Select Black and White in BIMx Legacy Desktop Viewer:...

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How to Change the Sky Image in BIMx Desktop Viewer Legacy

Important Note The next-generation BIMx Desktop Viewer is already available here, and also included in the package of Archicad 25. This new version lets architects and their clients access the full content of a Hyper-model, including 3D models, 2D do...

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How to Present with BIMx

Architects can present their designs in an easy way that will surely astonish their clients. BIMx supports Favorite saving and Presentation on all platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and the web (BIMx Model Transfer). Table of ContentIntroductio...

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BIMx Application Settings

Location of BIMx Settings Click the "..." icon shown in the top-right corner of the screen while you have a model open in BIMx Mobile. On BIMx Web and Desktop, you can find the "..." more options menu in the top-left corner.In the drop-down menu sele...

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How to set up Architect credits for BIMx

Users are able to add Architect Credits to their BIMx Hyper-models. This feature allows architects to display their company logo and website in the BIMx Hyper-model, it will be visible for users when opening a 3D view and while navigating in the virt...

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Presenting multiple models in one BIMx Hyper-model

Have you ever thought about what would be the best way to present design alternatives to Clients? Or did you have a Renovation project where you struggled with presenting different stages of the reconstruction? Search no more because BIMx Hyper-model...

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How to add camera views to the BIMx Hyper-model

Did you know that you can predefine different navigation options for your BIMx model? By placing camera views into the Archicad project you can add movies to help your client explore the BIMx model. It is also possible to limit the navigation only to...

wp-content_uploads_2018_09_01-camera-settings-873x1024.png wp-content_uploads_2016_09_02-organizer-300x282.png wp-content_uploads_2016_09_03-organizer-297x300.png wp-content_uploads_2016_09_04-export-options-1024x565.png

How to define custom preview image for a BIMx Hyper-model

Did you know that you can control the preview image displayed for your BIMx Hyper-model? You can either use the image of any 3D view or layout sheet of your project or You can set a different image to be displayed as the preview image. This picture w...

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