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Read articles about BIMx (mobile, web, and desktop), connection to BIMcloud, and related technical questions.


3D Model Switch in BIMx

The 3D Model Switch feature is available in BIMx Mobile, Web and Desktop as of the 18th of April, 2024. It enhances the model comparison user experience for architects, designers, and collaborators in Hyper-models including multiple 3D views. This fe...

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Interactive Labels in BIMx

The BIMx updates released on September 27, 2023 introduced several new functions (see BIMx News). This article describes the Interactive Labels function, which further extends the capabilities of BIMx and brings BIM data closer to your fingertips. Al...

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BIMx News

BIMx Updates 2024 BIMx Web updated on BIMcloud SaaS 2024.2 2024. June 10. - BIMx Web 2024.5740 on BIMcloud SaaS The below described BIMx Web update has also arrived on BIMcloud SaaS. Additional features briefly: 3D model switch, anti-aliasing, archit...

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BIMx Licensing

BIMx is Graphisoft's multiplatform design presentation and collaboration solution. In this article, you can find out which functionalities are available in BIMx on different platforms, with or without a license, and what's needed to host your models ...

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About BIMx

BIMx by Graphisoft is a professional BIM project viewer and collaboration product featuring BIMx Hyper-model, a unique technology for integrated 2D & 3D building project navigation and easy access to embedded BIM data such as project&element informat...

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How to set up Architect credits for BIMx

Users are able to add Architect Credits to their BIMx Hyper-models. This feature allows architects to display their company logo and website in the BIMx Hyper-model, it will be visible for users when opening a 3D view and while navigating in the virt...

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