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How to set up Architect credits for BIMx

Brieuc Tassel
Users are able to add Architect Credits to their BIMx Hyper-models. This feature allows architects to display their company logo and website in the BIMx Hyper-model, it will be visible for users when opening a 3D view and while navigating in the virtual model, and also in presentation mode. This feature is available on Mobile devices for a long time, and as of April 2024, it is available also on Web and Desktop, see BIMx News



  • Open Archicad
  • Go to File > Info > Project Preview & Architect Credits in BIMx and set up the Architects Credits.
    • Make sure the Architect Credits URL has a fully qualified name, it has to start with "http://" or "https://" (e.g. - Without this the URL will not be interactive in BIMx.
NOTE: You can use a PNG image with an alpha-channel background to make parts of the logo transparent
  • Open the BIMx Publisher Set Properties, at the bottom of the window, check the Use Architects Credits in BIMx Hyper-model box.
    • In case you haven't set up the Architect Credits before, this option will bring you to the new Project Preview & Architect Credits in BIMx window, from here you will also be able to add your company URL and Logo (as shown below).
  • Publish your BIMx Hyper-Model as you usually do. During the publishing, the Architects Credits will be embedded into the model.


  • Open your BIMx Hyper-model on your mobile device or desktop computer
  • Open a 3D model
    • You will see the Architect Credits displayed while the 3D is loading
  • You can also access the credits by pressing the company logo at the top right corner of the 3D view. In this case the live URL to the website is also shown. If you tap it, it will open in the default browser.

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