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2024 Technology Preview Program

2024 Technology Preview Program:
Master powerful new features and shape the latest BIM-enabled innovations


Read articles about BIMx (mobile, web, and desktop), connection to BIMcloud, and related technical questions.


Upload Hyper-Model Directly to BIMx Model Transfer Site

Direct Hyper-model upload via your web browser is available on BIMx Model Transfer site. You can easily upload a previously exported Hyper-model to your private storage. This option is useful when the publishing process in Archicad is long due to the...

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How to transfer BIMx models to Android devices

Share the BIMx model on Graphisoft's BIMx Model Transfer Site Use Graphisoft's cloud service to upload, share and distribute BIMx models to your clients and other parties in the AEC workflow. Both the 3D only and the Hyper-model formats can be shared...


Add hyperlinks for all 3D elements in the Custom Info

From ARCHICAD 19 you can customize what element information is exported to a BIMx Hyper-model. Previously you could add custom information to Library elements only. The real benefit in configuring Custom Info is to control what parameters to show, wh...

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White Models in BIMx

Our customers often ask how they can display their design in black and white in BIMx. There are two ways to achieve this. Use the built-in Shading option In BIMx mobile: go to Settings > Shading > Select Black and White in BIMx Legacy Desktop Viewer:...

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BIMx News

BIMx Updates 2024 Customizable Cut Color, Issue creation on Android, easier licensing 2024. July 04. - BIMx iOS 2024.5867, BIMx Android 2024.5890, BIMx Desktop (Windows&macOS) 2024.5910, BIMx Web 2024.5930 on BIMx Model Transfer New features on mobil...

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BIMx Frequently Asked Questions

Why BIMx? From the architect’s desk to onsite coordination, take your design with you wherever you go! Here are just a few examples of how BIMx can support your everyday BIM communication workflow. Access everywhere Synced Updates Smart measure Team ...

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How to Present with BIMx

Architects can present their designs in an easy way that will surely astonish their clients. BIMx supports Favorite saving and Presentation on all platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and the web (BIMx Model Transfer). Table of ContentIntroductio...

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BIMx Uploader folder location

All the Hyper-model uploads you initiated from Archicad to BIMx Model Transfer are automatically logged on your computer. Windows: C:\Users\\GRAPHISOFT\BIMxUploader\ macOS:System drive/Users//Library/Application Support/GRAPHISOFT/BIMxUploader/to fin...

How to set up Architect credits for BIMx

Users are able to add Architect Credits to their BIMx Hyper-models. This feature allows architects to display their company logo and website in the BIMx Hyper-model, it will be visible for users when opening a 3D view and while navigating in the virt...

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How to set up the BIMx model sharing environment

BIMx Model Transfer is a “cloud-service” offered to every BIMx user with a Commercial, Educational or Trial license. Besides the public upload possibility, users with an active Software Services Agreement are entitled to 5 GB of private storage space...

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How to add camera views to the BIMx Hyper-model

Did you know that you can predefine different navigation options for your BIMx model? By placing camera views into the Archicad project you can add movies to help your client explore the BIMx model. It is also possible to limit the navigation only to...

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Global Illumination, Background and Gallery Options for BIMx Export

When publishing your BIMx Hyper-model you can set various options: Global illumination Background Saving camera positions as gallery items Movie creation Limiting navigation See more details about these options here. In ARCHICAD 19 these options are ...

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How to define custom preview image for a BIMx Hyper-model

Did you know that you can control the preview image displayed for your BIMx Hyper-model? You can either use the image of any 3D view or layout sheet of your project or You can set a different image to be displayed as the preview image. This picture w...

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