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Read articles about BIMx (mobile, web, and desktop), connection to BIMcloud, and related technical questions.


Next-generation BIMx Web and Desktop Apps

This update is a milestone in achieving unified functionality across all platforms, bringing significant performance improvements and new features for architects, clients, and every BIMx user. As of February 15, 2023, the new BIMx Web is available on...

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Performance improvements in BIMx

Download the latest BIMx Desktop Viewer from Graphisoft's revamped download page. An update also arrived in Apple App Store.We highly recommend using Apple silicon computers based on our measurements. This article describes how loading time and 3D pe...

1 - 3D performance.png 2 - model-index loading .png 3 - 3D loading.png 4 - iOS FPS.png

BIMx: More functional BIMx Web and Desktop Viewer​s

BIMx Desktop Viewer version 2022.4025 was released with Archicad 26 on July 14, 2022. The new product version is part of the Archicad package and it can also be downloaded from here. The updated BIMx Web Viewer version 2022.4026 is already available ...

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How to set up the BIMx model sharing environment

BIMx Model Transfer is a “cloud-service” offered to every BIMx user with a Commercial, Educational or Trial license. Besides the public upload possibility, users with an active Software Services Agreement are entitled to 5 GB of private storage space...

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BIMx Web Viewer on BIMx Model Transfer Service

Introduction The renewed BIMx Web Viewer (Help) allows clients and other project stakeholders to view BIMx Hyper-models directly in their browsers, enjoying various intuitive, game-like navigation options. This viewer lets you access the full content...

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Navigation in BIMx mobile

Exploring the building on a mobile device is designed to be easy and intuitive. The best way to learn these methods is to try them out. Orbit If you are outside the building, use one finger to Orbit the model as a whole. (Slide one finger across the ...