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we have such an issue in our school. Students of architecture do work in Archicad and we, civil structural designers still work in AutoCAD (or Allplan). So we are trying to work in one model together - in Archicad. So I need to create an Archicad template for civil structural designers. The architects create a model, we select only load-bearing structures but there are several issues regarding to the fact that (at least in our country) the architects draw the cutted vertical constructions and the floor below, however we civil structurals designers draw the cutted vertical constructions nad the ceiling above (plus the vertical of the next level - with double-dot-dash line).

1) How can I set my own template to see the vertical constructions of the upper level (double-dot-dash line) without changing the architect's model? I can change the drawing when I select the wall above (in next level) and change the visibility to the home level and below, but it changes also the architectural drawings.

2) How can I change a line type of the constructions above? There is no Criteria in Grapic Override for choosing only constructions from other level than the current level is. So every time I change anything, the Graphic Override changes both, the walls in the current level and the walls from the upper level. (still speaking about first level drawing)

...and there are many other issues. The point is to create a template or something for structural design students without changing the architect students model (except. the constructoin IDs and characteristics like load-bering structur marking and so...). I cannot change anything that could affect their layouts.

Thank you very much!

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