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Hello everyone, I'm Huguadao, an Archicad hobby and user from China. I cooperated with VDC, the most popular BIM orientation conference in China, to hold the ArchiBBS forum. Looking forward to communicating with Archicad users and enthusiasts internationally.


There is already an international family. Why do I still want to do ?Because localization, not everyone is accessible in English, so I hope to have a localized communication community. At the same time, I also hope to be more internationalized on the basis of localization. ArchiBBS also supports the English framework and can accept posts and replies in English (we can use web translation tools to understand each other's meaning).


We are voting for how long we use Archicad. Among the votes received so far, Mr. Zhang Yixun has used Archicad for the longest time in China, who has used Archicad for more than 25 years. But compared with our friends on GH International Station, we are all novices, so we prefer to be able to connect to the family of international exchanges.


Here, you can also meet some of the most cutting-edge masters in China's BIM circle and communicate with them.


  • There is Mr. Lu Yongle, who has developed an ancient building library, which is of great strategic significance for the design of this complex architectural type of ancient architecture.
  • There is also Mr. Yan Xiaoqiang, who wrote the book Archicad Design Guide for Architects in Chinese.
  • There are also the official team of Graphisoft China, YJK structural design software, Wukong Technology and other very powerful company organizations, as well as the vast number of Archicad users in China.


Finally, welcome to use .  Let's communicate about Archicad.



In addition to Chinese localization support, is also ready for users in the English language environment.

Hi Huguadao,
Thanks for sharing this information. This is great news, as Architects using Archicad in China don't have an easy life.... (in a nearly 100 % Autodesk-dominated market).
Unfortunately, almost all people in the industry in China mistake BIM for Revit....(or SketchUp).

Our office has branches in Munich (Germany) and Xi'an (China), so I would be thankful for communication, exchange, and support. Bi-directional.

Let's get in touch!

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Indeed, we have also discussed this issue on ArchiBBS. Why did BIM deviate? 😂 There is also a self-media person in the BIM industry, GEEKBIM, who put forward some of his thoughts and included them in the column.

Here, it is true that most people have not accepted the way Archicad works, and they don't even know whether Archicad (as you said, BIM is equal to Revit😂), or whether they are using the traditional workflow of AutoCAD and Sketchup~

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