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Attribute Manager for multiple files


I am doing a project with 1 main file with many hotlinked modules attached to it and I currently strugling with keeping the attributes organized, clean and lean.

1 option I read was to

1. make a file only for the attributes
2.make the all the attribute changes there
3. save it as a text file
4. have all the other files linked to this attribute .txt file and use the 'replace attributes' command to quickly have it update to date.

Anyone has experienced with this ? is this a good option? what others are there?

Also if i purge from the attributes manager i shouldnt have any problems or missing attributes later right?

thanks a lot in advance.

ArchiCAD 23/24/25 with Win 10

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Hi Luís,
If you do a search here you surely will find LOTS of rants and workarounds for this pain in the arse Archicad limitation.
But this post will give you a good view of the problem and some possible solutions form specific workflows, as well its pros and cons. Thank you Barry!
Unfortunately form me, this workaround doesn´t work, as when I need hotlinks, I need A LOT of them... And manual updating dozens of hotlinks every time an attribute is edited is what I personally named "The Japanese Tea Ceremony" (No offense to the Japanese Culture, which I really admire)
Hope this helps. (Until AC25 comes )

Karl Ottenstein
As Braza says, this is a long wished-for thing. Vote and comment here (there are probably other wish threads too):
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