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Component Quantity Inconsistency

Once Building material quantities by component were introduced, i thought that all my IFC quantity takeoff issues would be gone, but...

There's one thing keeping me away from the dream:
Composite walls will create a component area for each part, good.
Simple walls will add a "Component 1." Prefix. That's where the problem is.

I can't control the creation of the prefix, this way, i can't make an area column that sums up all my Brick Area, as seen in the image 1a.

I need to sum up both "Bloco 14" areas, both from plastered and unplastered walls. That prefix won't let me. Even when i create a single skin composite (and set to explode everything to brep), it'll still export the wall but without any children building element parts. Once that happens, the prefix shows up.

Regarding IFC Structure, i've manually edited the file to make it work, but i can't do it for all no composites.
Images 1a and 1b represent the actual behavior, non-complex elements will relate to IFCPHISYCALCOMPLEXQUANTITY instead of the quantities directly, this will add up the "Component 1" prefix to them. Which makes the IFC unusable.

Images 2a and 2b show what would work better when prompted to export all elements "exploded". The IFCELEMENTQUANTITY line points directly to the quantities just like the individual skin behavior. This way, i can combine areas from materials along different complexity elements. (Shown in image 2a, what looks like in solibri afterwards).
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