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Quantity takeoffs and calculation rules

Rico Suleyman

Where I work we have specific rules for certain quantity takeoffs. For example, when measuring masonry, any opening in the wall ≤2.5m2 is measured as its actual size, but openings >2.5m2 are counted as 2.5m2 each. So a window that is 1x2m would be 2m2 but a window of 2x2m would be 2.5m2, as would a window of 3x2m.


I would like to be able to measure the area of masonry, net of openings calculated following this rule.


Is there any way to calculate this in a component schedule? The calculation rules for components just ignore openings below the specified size and although I can use properties to calculate opening sizes in this way and then subtract them from the total masonry area, I would prefer to be able to do it all in an interactive schedule.


Has anyone come across this before?


Operating system used: Mac Intel-based 13.6 Ventura


Setup info provided by author