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Issue management

Hi all,

Scenario - you have created a new issue and latest revised drawing have all been addded to that issue, i can now see all my drawings in the book settings, all good. These drawings are ready to be published as formal drawings and in the meantime being labeld as WIP. However, you have now been asked to quickly change a few other drawings, minor adjutments and quickly issue these before the first lot of drawings.

Problem - I now have to take all the drawings out of the current issue and replace with new drawings, close the book and publish these drawings. I then have to create a new issue, and try to remember which drawings where inluded as part of the first lot.

Do we really have to go about issuing intermediate drawings this way (delete added drawings from current issue and replace then add a new issue)...?

Is there another way for larger complex projects to issue smaller lots of drawings with out having this logistical nighmare...??

Hope my explanation makes sense.
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Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
How about saving the current state of the Archicad project as a PLN under a new name, deleting the Changes from the current Issue (by the way, its is called Transmittal from AC24), adding the new Changes, creating the Issues set, closing the Issue. Then start a new Issue, open the other PLN, and copy-paste those Changes from one file to the other. Of course, you would have to do them Viewpoint by Viewpoint, or Layout by Layout, but maybe it is faster than recreating them from scratch.
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