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Legacy Template Migration

Hi Helpful Peoples,
I have spent a lot of the previous week building templates after the bounce from AC15 to AC20.
I am now trying to make a legacy template to aid with opening old files. My local AC office suggest I use "replace attributes" command. So I exported my attributes, follow the instructions, generated a txt file, jumped through the hoops and held my tongue right, and now it still won't work.
I have checked:
- The files are the right format.
- Naming conflicts
- att name exists in file
So I have made a few test files.
In this one there a few surface attributes which I would like to replace.
Would someone be so kind as to look at the .txt file and let me know if there is an error in it.
When I use the "replace attributes" command on "test 1" it doesn't throw up any errors. Indeed it does not seem to do anything at all. When I try "test 2" it says incorrect file format. I am saving as a tab delimited txt file.

Cheers Jo
Window 10 Pro Inteli7-4790 CPU@3.60gHz
Ram 16GB 64 bit OS
Nvidia M2000 Quadro Video Card

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