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Schedule coordinates

Pick coordinates from Survey Point and show them in a schedule. How?
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Barry Kelly
If it is an object and the coordinates are in parameters in that object, then you can schedule the parameters of that object.

But it seems the survey point object does not have parameters for the coordinates.
So you will need another coordinate object.


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I remember trying to do this a while back, but couldn't get it to work.

It was for a small project and only a handful of points, so I ended up typing out the list to save time.

Not sure if an object can 'grab' its position on the XYZ grid of the model, to be honest.

I couldn't get it to work with properties either (X coordinate and so on).
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An object can pick its own position and store the coordinates as parameters, so yes it is possible.
We are using a "homebrew" coordinate object at out office and that one can be listed in a schedule (even if it could use an update since it's quite old and a little buggy).

But here is also post asking for this kind of object on the GDL-forum:
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