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Virtual PC 7 questions.

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We are having problems getting the AIA (PC only) software to work on our macs. My boss is saying we should just buy a pc, but I think we can get around it by using Virtual PC 7. AIA won't say if there software will run on a mac using the newest version of Virtual PC. Does anyone currently do this. Also, if you are running Virtual PC, what would be the min. specs for the mac you are running it on. Our office manager would be the one using it. She has a G3 Imac, not sure it will run on it. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!!!


VP7 requires a G5, and probably 512 MB RAM, as an asbolute minimum

I run VP6 on a 1 GHz PowerBook with 768 MB RAM, and it's tolerable, but everything drags a bit.

I hear that VP7 is an even bigger resource hog than VP6, and Microsoft recommends NOT running XP SP2 on it, because all the security "enhancements" make it run even sower.
Tom Waltz

Graphisoft Partner
Graphisoft Partner
You should use as fast a mac as you can get your hands on.
Running a VPC on my Imac(G5 1.6Ghz) runs at about the same speed as a PIII-900-ish.
I only ever use it for testing. If you want to use it for any actual work, grab one of those ridiculously cheap dell things and use that instead.
Josh Osborne - Central Innovation

HP Zbook Studio G4 - Windows 10 Pro, Intel i7 7820HQ, 32Gb RAM, Quadro M1200

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