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About model and data exchange with 3rd party solutions: Revit, Solibri, dRofus, Bluebeam, structural analysis solutions, and IFC, BCF and DXF/DWG-based exchange, etc.

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GDL Web Control and MacOS X

I have been looking around by using the search function of this board, but haven't found any thread, which fits to the following point. So if this has been discussed, I would be glad to get a link to it. Otherwise here's the question: Has anyone got ...

translator error message (-2130312712)

does anybody know what the following error code means: -2130312712 it occurs upon opening a dwg right after setting up the translator (while ac converts/processes the drawing). although the file then seems to open correctly we do experience positioni...

Screenshot to JPG Utility

Sometime last year, someone from tech support sent me a little utility that automatically created JPGs when doing a print screen. Unfortunately, a major crash sometime after that wiped out not only the installed utility but the email containing the f...

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DWG Scale Problem

I've been exporting to DWG so I can open up in Adobe Illustrator and so it fits inside Illustrator to a scale of 1:2000. The model in ArchiCAD is 3000m wide and 3000m high - masterplanning work. In the DWG Translator I'm setting the scale as 'Custom(...

James B by Graphisoft
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translator setup (import)

we are currently setting up translators to facilitate the import of consultants drawings (mostly dxfs or dwgs) into ac9. as we understand the standrad method is to assign a ac layer for every embeded layer. this however, seems somewhat limiting as it...

Wood Framing Plugin?

Around a year ago i read about a wood framing plugin for Archicad, and didnt see any threads out here discussing it. Is this still around, and if it is, is it any good? If not, how do i go about creating accurately framed residential buildings withou...

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How do I deinstall ArchiTerra?

...I want to use ArchiTerra on another computer with another dongle... I copied all the ArchiTerra structure from the plug-in folder in AC to the other computer but when I'm trying to connect to serialize the AT version is "locked" to my original don...

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Missing vertex in ArchiCAD models?

Hi all, I'm new to AC and have just been playing around with it for a bit. I always render in 3ds max, so have been testing how compatible AC is with exporting to max. I have come across a strange problem, that when I have a wall with either 2 window...

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