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Expression question

Hi,'How can I calculate total area of windows in the exterior walls divided by total net area of outside of exterior walls? I get a result only by using the one windows and wall area but it's the inside of the wall which is not what I want. When divi...

Exported file for TAS Engineering or CYPE

I am new to Archicad and I am having issues with the exported model. I have exported the model both in gbxml and IFC4 format to be used in TAS Engineering and Cype softwares. When I import the model, both softwares do not recognise internal partition...

MRT88 by Newcomer
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Origin, when Exporting IFC

When exporting IFC, is there some point of origin I can maniulate? We use this IFC as a reference model in Revit, but now I've: 1. lowered the model 2. rotated the model 3. moved the model If I update the IFC reference model in Revit with this new fi...

File size, Bimcloud (server) and PLN file

Hi all, We have quite big files on the Bim server, the are around 4GB, they get big after we hotlinked an IFC, and never deflated once we took the hotlinks off. when saving the PLN the files size is around 300 MB, does anyone knows how to deal with t...

AEismann by Participant
  • 6 replies

Resolved! View Maps Management

Hi, Does anyone know how to create smart folders in the view map section like the ones created by ArchiCAD in the basic template? Thank you in advance

T_S_ by Newcomer
  • 1 replies

Resolved! Element ID Manager

Im a bit confused with how the ID manager works, sometimes it works as how its been explained to me and sometimes it doesnt. When I was taught how to use this manager it was that you could select them in order, then use the ID manager to apply a chan...

nonco by Newcomer
  • 3 replies

Problem when attaching a Xref DWG

Hi, I've recently updated my Archicad to version 23 an ever since I've been experiencing a problem when attaching a Xref dwg. Before I click on the node to insert the xref I can see the outline of the drawing but after that, nothing happens... I've s...