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AC 25 Revit Export - Levels not Exporting to Revit Model

Mark Hensler



I am excited to try out the native .rvt export option in AC 25, however, I sent a model to my engineer and they reported back that the whole project opened with only 1 level in Revit.  The full model is visible, so it is not just exporting one story.  I looked, but didn't see any settings related to this in the save options.  Does anyone know if this is just the way .rvt gets saved, or is there a way to include those stories?

If this is just how the exporter works, has anyone developed a workflow to exchange the stories?  My initial reaction is to default back to IFC to set up the story levels in their Revit file, then import the .rvt into that.  Any thought?

Thanks everyone.


Solibri a great tool for code checkings and clash detections but yes its expensive for architects. 😋

Last time when i was working with them and presenting to clients they would always tell me its just a clash detection software why so expensive? like they cant justify the cost vs the output they can get. 😅

what we always tell them "garbage in garbage out" 😆

but if high end projects yes they can put that into consideration as part of their budget and it would be beneficial to all parties cause they can add Solibri as part of their workflow. 😎

In the end what is your Objective?
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