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AC14 and Sketchup?

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Apologies, but could someone please explain to me if and how to import a sketchup part into AC14. I have searched the forum for assistance with limited success and the reference materials from help menu in AC14 make no mention of google, sketchup, or sketch up and I noticed (with considerable hunting) that the google earth connection addon is for AC13 but has only an international version. As I am working on AC14 in the good ol' US of A , will that work or is there a tried and true work around (for which AC is infamous ) that needs to be employed. Many thanks in advance.

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Ok, just thought I would be adventerous and try to download the International version of the AC13 add on and I was greeted with a message that said a 32 bit version of AC13 could not be found on my computer. I guess that's my reward for deciding to invest a small fortune on the 64 bit version of AC14 that Graphisoft said (well at least strongly implied) would bring me unbelievable joy, financial renumeration far exceeding my wildest expectations and restore my receeding hairline.

I think you can install a 332 bit version manually from disk , then the add-on should work , I heard this was because sketchup was only 32 bit ?
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What is a "332 bit" ???
what add-on is needed?
can someone point to a link for the "exact" add-on to archicad 14 to make sketchup objects work?
thanks much.
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My preferred method for getting SketchUp content into ArchiCAD is to export as 3DS (requires SketchUp Pro) and use the AC add-on to convert to library parts. I believe the reason there is only an international version of the GE add-on is that there is nothing to change to localize for the US. Jingoist protestations notwithstanding, we are part of "international".

Laszlo Nagy
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Community Admin
rob2218 wrote:
What is a "332 bit" ???
He probably meant 32-bit but mistyped it.
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