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ARCHICAD Model Setup for IFC Export to Revit

Andrea Polgar


Coordinate among Project Stakeholders

Most projects that encounter troubles later on, do so, because of the lack of preliminary coordination! Organize a BIMCoordination meeting to agree upon the following:

  • project location and coordinates
  • Project North direction
  • Story setup

Prepare a BIM Manual and share it with all the stakeholders. The BIM Manual should include:

  • The stakeholders and their exact responsibilities
  • The data exchange protocol
  • The data agreed upon at the BIM coordination meeting
  • project specific BIM requirements

Set Element Parameters

  • Define the Structural Function of the element
  • Set the Position of the element within your project
  • Set the IFC Classification of your element
  • Enable the necessary IFC properties for the element or create mapping rules

Organize Elements

  • Make sure all project elements are assigned to proper layers.

This will enable you to easily hide elements that you do not wish to include in the IFC.

  • Hide all layers that do not contain elements relevant to your consultant receiving the IFC.

EXAMPLE: (e. g. signage, furniture, vegetation)

  • Create a layer combination from the step above.
  • Save a 3D view of your project that uses the previously created layer combination.

This will allow you to easily switch to a view from which you can save your IFC.

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