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ArchiCad to Sketchup - Workflow

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I'm looking for an advanced 3d model exchange workflow between ArchiCad and Sketchup+Vray for rendering.
- modeling of the building is made in AC
- all the surroundings, cars, trees, grass and other high-poly elements are added in Sketchup
- materials of the building are set in AC and later on tweaked in Vray (reflections, bump, displacement etc)
- building model MUST have and option to be updated in Sketchup without loosing any data, materials setting tweaked in Vray.

So everything is quite easy until the update issue.

To have an option of update'ing I tried this workflow:

1. In AC I "save as" the 3d model as a SKP file - let's call it File-1.skp
2. I create a new file in sketchup - lets call it File-2.skp
3. In Sketchup I import the File-1.skp into File-2.skp
4. I put in all the trees, cars in the File-2.skp
5. If the building in AC is changed than I save it again as File-1.skp
6. In File-2.skp I use the reload option - this brings me the updated geometry from File-1.skp but keeps all the trees,cars etc.

And this workflow works quite well, except two big issues:
1. The tweaked in Vray materials in File_2.skp are overriden by the updated ones from File_1.skp
2. Materials in File_1.skp exported by AC have "missing" texture names what makes situation even worst - all texture has to be manually relinked each time its updated ... this just doesn't work.

As the first issue is a Sketchup-specific - does anyone have a solution for that ?
The second issue seems to be a bug of Archicad, combined also with the texture-size issue set to 1 inch for all textures, no matter what is its real texture size - any workaround suggestions ?
Currently there is no solution to that.
Artlantis render has this feature of updates, that works very well. But that was because of good relations between ArchiCAD and Artlantis - many architects were buying two software together.
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