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Batch Converting RFA (A set of Revit Families) to GLD object.


Hello Community, 


We have RFA to GLD conversion plugin where user can manually use it.


I am exploring to do this conversion (RFA to GLD object) in batch run. Anyone tried it before??


So we will have directory where we can have any number of RFA (Revit Families) then we will launch ArchiCAD in batch process to convert all. RFA to (GLD) file in one click.


If any tried this and conclude anything?? 


There's an idea for a developer...


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Can you highlight? 

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

I think what Djordje meant was that it is not possible to batch convert Revit Family files to Archicad Library Parts, but it is something that an Archicad Add-On may be able to do, so a developer who can program in C++ to create Archicad Add-Ons may see this as an opportunity to create such an Add-On, which they could then make available for free or sell as a commercial product.

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