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Change Element ID from a property


I have a file which came in through a Revit hotlink.  All the objects have arbitrary IDs but have a property with the Revit family name which, in most cases, would make a good ID.  I thought the obvious way to sort this is export properties to excel, copy and past the family name into the ID column and reimport.  Unfortunately it cannot import the element ID but only other properties.


Is there any way to do this?  I could renumber with the Element ID manager, but that numbers them in an apparently arbitrary order.  I'd really like to just copy the existing over into the element ID.

Archicad 26 / Windows 11

It cannot be solved directly in Archicad.
I just saw a video today, about ID renumbering.
Unfortunately works with Grasshopper, but you can try free for 90 days. It doesn't seem like a complicated operation, it can be done based on the video. 
You need the name property from which to beam an ID for the corresponding item.  from 22:15. 

Thanks.  I suspected it was the case that there was no direct way to do it.  Unfortunately I've already used my 90 day Grasshopper trial (I guess I could always use another email address).  I wonder if it might be possible to do it through a python script - I've not yet really explored what capabilities that has although I've used python elsewhere.  Another thought is to export the IFC, which is a text based format, and write a script to process that and then reimport it.  Probably a hammer to crack a nut but I do have several hundred objects so just doing it manually would be a slow task.

Archicad 26 / Windows 11

You can use addon -

Add Sync_to{ID} to the property description and press Sync_all



Structural engineer, developer of free addon for sync GDL param and properties

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