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2024 Technology Preview Program:
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Coordinates and Orientation

Andrea Polgar
  • Create the ARCHICAD model close to the ARCHICAD origin, which is indicated by a black cross on the floor plan. Loss of precision or malfunction can be experienced if the project elements are located very far from the project origin or from each other
  • Create the ARCHICAD model orthogonally.

Coordinates and Orientation – Real World (option1)

To export an ARCHICAD IFC model to a real world location for it to be imported into an analysis application (Navisworks, Solibri) we recommend the following:

  1. Set up a new ARCHICAD file which contains the site situated at real world coordinates. Also set up the stories’ Elevation values to the real world Z coordinate. See Stories/Levels – Real World (option1) for more info.
  2. Take the building model we created earlier which is situated at 0,0,0, and hotlink it into the site model.
  3. Drag the hotlink module to the desired X/Y position.
  4. Rotate the hotlink module to the correct orientation (Angle to True North).
  5. Export to IFC with the IFC Site location option set to ‘At Project Origin’. This option is at IFC Translator > Export Options > Geometry Conversion Options.

Coordinates and Orientation – Real World (option2)

Starting with ARCHICAD 20, the Survey Point definition and it’s export and import with IFC models is supported. It is recommended to use a common anchor/reference point (so-called “Survey Point”) to facilitate coordination of models from different programs. In some countries, the use of a particular reference point (national datum) is a standard requirement when defining the project.

  1. Use the survey point if a common point is agreed among all project stakeholders and they will all be using the survey point object!
  2. In ARCHICAD 20 the survey point is part of the ARCHICAD Built-in Libraries
  3. In the survey point settings, set the “Project North” and coordinate the “Project North” among all disciplines!
  4. Export the IFC with IFC site location at survey point position setting.

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