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Create Mesh from Surveyor file

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I can not get this file to create a mesh for use in archicad. I didn't really expect it would work, but maybe someone can take a look at this file and see if there is an obvious problem.....It would be great if you can get a mesh back to me.



Thanks in advance!
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Not that I will be any help, but you may need to ZIP the TXT file and attach the zipped file, as the forum seems to know it isn't really a jpg.
David Maudlin

The file converted in AC 16, but then an error message came up when trying to view it in the 3D Window "Invalid polygon, self intersection or hole intersects boundary. (fill grade porc)". The problem seems to be in the lower left corner of the Mesh: when I move one of the boundary nodes the Mesh gets fixed, then the node can be moved back. This can be seen in the 2D Window by selecting Floor Plan Ridges: Show All Ridges; the ridges do not appear initially, but will appear when the Mesh has been fixed, then the Mesh will show in the 3D Window.

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