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DWG 3d data import in Archicad!

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Sorry if this question was already posted…I was trying to find an answer to the fallowing question but couldn’t…

What is the best option to import DWG 3d model data into Achicad? Examples of imported DWG 3d solid data in Achicad looks a bit messy from the pictures I have seen so far? And on 2D Layout layouts it just looks bad (

There is a short description in Achicad manual about ACIS Import that allows to convert AutoCAD 3D Solids, Regions and Bodies into GDL Objects and presumably this would be a better way of importing Autocad files…not sure yet…need to test it first… from Autocad exporting to ACIS is very simple procedure but really there is not enough information how to get these ACIS files imported in to Archicad? Open or merge command doest seem to support this format…? From Autocad ACIS is exported to ACIS *.sat format but Archicad cant seem to recognize this format…am I missing something?

In Archicad modeling up complex and detailed 3d models are very time consuming or even impossible but there are many other great features in Archicad what makes this program one of the best in the market…but when it comes to modeling up a complex 3d shapes I prefer Autocad because its just much easier and there are no limits to complexity of this model…but yes…its not ‘’clever’’ model…but this is not always required…

Can anyone help me and explain how to get this DWG 3d information imported in Archicad please?

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It seems ACIS support is not yet quite ready but IFC is the way forward! Not sure if Archicad 14 has built in IFC file support but this is just amazing! That’s exactly what I was looking for…from what I have seen so far the best option to import DWG 3d data in to Archicad is by exporting DWG 3d data from Autocad to IFC format (this option is available starting from Autocad Architecture 2008) and importing this IFC 3d data to Archicad…if you use Archicad version 13 then you will need to download this free add-on first from here install it and then you should be able to import not only Autocad 3d data but almost every architectural program presumably has this IFC file support…you can read about IFC support here …it is basically a neutral file format that makes it possible to exchange information between different disciplines and different softwares in the building industry…so Autodesk and Graphisoft and presumably Bentley and Nemetschek or other big players should be able to support this format…and really IFC 3d data import looks really good…the same as it was in Autocad…man…I’m impressed!

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
The IFC support has been improved in ArchiCAD 14 compared to AC13.
You can now define Translators for IFC Export/Import just like you do with DWG/DXF Export/Import.
So that may indeed be your best bet.
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