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DXF-DWG Line Types Mapping

Craig Boyer
Graphisoft Alumni
Graphisoft Alumni
Follow the steps below to map line types in ArchiCAD to those in a DXF/DWG file. For an overview on DXF/DWG translators, click here.


1. Select the translator you wish to edit.

2. In the Settings tab, navigate to the Save Options and make sure that a DXF/DWG template file is loaded. For information on how to do this, please click here.


NOTE: A template file will allow you to select attributes from a pull down menu. If you don't have a template file to reference you will need to manually enter the mapping information.



3. In the Settings tab, navigate to the Attributes > Line types > Linetype-linetype conversion and click New...


4. In the Edit the line type conversion item dialogue box, choose the ArchiCAD line type to map, choose the AutoCAD line type, set the line type scale and click OK.


5. Repeat for additional line types if necessary.

6. Click Save Settings & Close.


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