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Edit an Schedule

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I am starting to work on a schedule provided by an alternate company, when working or trying to edit I have the following problems

how can I edit or delete a cell or row in the schedule?
if one of my interior doors is on the exterior schedule how could this change it to the interior doors schedule?
When I have my schedule ready, some items appear without some data, and I can not edit.

Marc H
If I understand correctly, you have a .pln file from another author and you want to clean up the scheduled items? Schedule rows and values are generated from the Scheme Settings criteria. They are not added manually. It appears some of your doors have a property setting for 'Interior' instead of 'Exterior'.

One of the ways to find a door (showing on the schedule, just with the wrong value) is to select the door marker on the schedule and click the select icon at the top of the schedule view. It will take you to the door with the problem. Go into the door Info Box and choose the 'ID and Properties' icon (by default at the very end of the panel) and open it to find the value requiring correction. (Interior and Exterior are values under 'Position'.). Once made, your schedule will update.
If you have several edits, a couple of many ways to find them is to use the Find & Select tool or set up a Graphical Override Rule to highlight the elements with specific values.

For elements not showing, check your schedule Scheme Settings at the top of the schedule view. It may be limiting the schedule in some way. For example, it may contain a renovation filter value causing the problem.
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