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Expression question

I was just asked if it's possible to create a schedule for those zones that accomodates X number of objects. The schedule should show the X objects for the zones with X objects. I can make an expression "no of objects" and use it to filter out all zones with X no of objects (schedule element type is zone) but I can't get that schedule to show all the objects names and ID (element type is object). I suspect it's impossible but I am very noobish with expression so I throw this out here.
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I think you have too many X's in your question to really understand exactly what you want to schedule. A example might help.

So I'll just answer in general.

You can use a expression (property) to filter out zones based on some criteria - whether true/false or some returned string. Zone properties include the number of items contained within-- as in objects, windows/doors, walls etc. So you could do a criteria based on the number of objects within.

There is noway, that I know, to get the ID of those contained objects. However, I believe, that could be done using Python to create a object list using the command "GetElementsRelatedToZones" , then Adding that list to a property of that zone. That would involve a separate step of having to first execute the script to update. If I am correct, you will, however, have to wait until the release of 24.

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I agree about the too many X's...

It basically "for zones with a specific property value, show all objects and their ID".

It's a double operation that I can't you say Python is the way to go.
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Barry Kelly
I am not sure if I quite follow.
But to me it sounds like you need to set up your zones with the required specific property value.
Then the rest is done in the schedule.
You filter the criteria for all objects in a zone with a specific property value.
Then in the fields you list the object name and ID.


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