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Fills conversion into dwg - AC 21 vs AC 23


Recently I did upgrade from AC 21 to AC 23.
In AC 21 fills conversion from pl to dwg did worp perfectly. But when I used same settings for AC 23, all fills are black.
Does it mean that in AC 23 I need manually set up Fills hatch conversion for each fills separately on there is some more fastest way to do it?
Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin
That does not sound right to me because I don't recall any changes between the two version in this area.
You should compare all the settings in the File > Interoperability > DXF-DWG Translation Setup Dialog between the two versions to see if there are any differences that might cause this.
In the "Settings" panel, some of the field that may influence this:

Save Options > File Format
Attributes > Fills > Methods > "Export all Fills as SOLIDS"
Attributes > Fills > Methods > "Export Fill Backgrounds as Additional solid Hatches
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I'm currently using following setup and still having problem with wall fills in dwg drawing.
Export all Fills "as is"
Export Fill Backrounds [not checked]
Explode gradient fills [checked]
Use conversion tabel [not checked]

Export Symbol Fills as "SOLID"
Export Fill Backround... [not checked]
Explode gradient fills [not checked]
Use conversion tabel [not checked]

Export all Fills as "SOLID"
Explode gradient fills [checked]
Use conversion tabel [not checked]

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