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How to export point clouds(.e57) to IFC ?

hiro siba

I need to export point cloud to IFC from a model . Is it possible to export point clouds to IFC?

I already trid to export point clouds to IFC. But The following message appeared ''Could not export because the geometry of the following element is missing: .''. 

Do I need to change any settings?


Kevin Lee

Archicad is not able to convert point clouds to IFC. AFAIK, I don't think any BIM solution has the ability to include point cloud data in the ifc. 


However, you can link point clouds using BIM validation software like BIMCollab.



Kevin Lee

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Bawar Tanay

@hiro sibai dont know why you will need to convert pointcloud to ifc, as Kevin Lee mentioned you can open it using BIMCollab.


but there is a workaround, when importing a pointcloud (.e57 or .xyz) into archicad it becomes a archicad object. 

this object you will need to convert to a morph and then you can how to export using your ifc translation settings.

be aware that the whole pointcloud one big chunk of morph that also means that this will be quite heavy and probably will crash archicad.


#disclaimer i never used this workaround and wont know if it will work, and yes there is no advantage of doing this, as it becomes quite heavy.


i guess you lost your original pointcloud file?


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Don't think that you can achieve this with Archicad, but depending on the complexity of the Pointcloudmodel you could try RHINO 8, which has a ShrinkWrap command...

...have not tried it yet, but it looks promising.

Regards, DS.

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